Commercial Paving

While you have enough to concern yourself with when it comes to your business, parking lots and pathways are likely not on the top of your mind. While they can significantly enhance your curb appeal, they can also create hazards if they’re not in good condition. Potholes, loose pavement, or even an uneven laid surface can create liability problems for your business. To prevent mishaps and make a welcoming entrance for your business, you need a skilled team to install your asphalt lots properly. Bytown Paving has a professional team that offers new paving and resurfacing for all asphalt features on your commercial property.

Let the skilled Bytown Paving team take on your next paving project if you’re ready to enhance your business premises.

Our Commercial Asphalt Services

Due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility, asphalt can be used in many commercial applications. Our asphalt paving services include:

Parking lots

Your new parking lot needs to be level, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Bytown Paving offers new parking lot construction to ensure your parking lot meets your needs.



Perfect for apartment complexes and other commercial structures, our asphalt driveways will meet the needs of your tenants and customers alike.


Perfect for apartment complexes and other commercial structures, our asphalt driveways will meet the needs of your tenants and customers alike.

Pavement Markings


Our team offers pavement markings for various uses, from parking lines to directional markings around your building.

Our Paving Repair Services

While asphalt surfaces are an excellent choice for their longevity, they can require some maintenance or repair. We’re ready to provide you with our efficient maintenance services to get your property ready to welcome your customers as soon as possible.

We offer both traditional and pulverizing parking lot resurfacing. If your asphalt is in decent condition, we can pave over the surface, but if there is extensive damage, we’ll have to pulverize the existing surface and resurface it with new asphalt.

While it is a durable product, the wear and tear of hot and cold cycles can cause problems with your asphalt. We offer asphalt repairs and patching to help you maintain your commercial asphalt.

Why pick asphalt for your business parking lots and pathways?

Asphalt is an excellent option for paving parking lots, walkways, and more on commercial properties such as malls, plazas, and apartment complexes. It’s the perfect choice for commercial properties because it requires little maintenance and can withstand heavy traffic. It is also ideal for Canadian climates because it is less susceptible to tarnish from freeze and thaw cycles.

Our Commercial Paving Process

Our crews are well trained for your commercial paving needs. We understand that off-limit parking lots and walkways can impact your business. For this reason, we have efficient project management systems built into our operations to provide you with a great-looking lot completed in as short of time as possible. We’ll work with you ahead of the project to lay out a plan that works for you. We are strong proponents of an excellent contract to ensure that no surprises pop up along the way.