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Concrete Repair Services in Ottawa

Even though concrete is a very versatile and durable material that withstands corrosion, the need for repairs and restoration still arises due to the harsh Canadian weather we experience. Extreme temperature fluctuations and high volumes of rain and snow eventually cause concrete to deteriorate, and poor construction can also add to the fast corrosion of concrete.

Whatever the cause of your concrete deterioration is, we have the solution. Bytown Paving offers commercial concrete repair in Ottawa to help ensure your commercial concrete structures are safe to use, aesthetically appealing, and long-lasting. To minimize further damage to your commercial concrete, be sure to contact us immediately.

Comprehensive Commercial Concrete Repair in Ottawa

The extent of the damage to your concrete determines what types of repairs you need. When cracks are caught early, generally concrete filler is enough to patch the crack. More extensive cracks and damage may require part or all of your concrete to be removed and replaced.

Bytown Paving can handle all types of commercial concrete repairs in Ottawa, large and small. You can expect expert management, professional work, and high quality results for every repair we perform for you. Due to our extensive experience, our crew is able to offer installation and repairs for all types of concrete, including:

  • Curbs and gutters: Concrete is commonly used for curbs and gutters because it is such a durable material that will last for years to come. When minor damage occurs from vehicles driving over curbs and frozen water causing cracks, we’ll be there to offer commercial concrete repair. 
  • Sidewalks: It’s imperative that the sidewalks on your commercial property are safe for patrons, tenants, and employees to use. Cracks and unevenness can lead to trips and falls. To avoid injuries on your property, be sure to contact us for commercial concrete repair in Ottawa. 
  • Walkways and entryways: Concrete walkways are a smart and affordable way to add beauty and function to your commercial property. When you notice cracks or other damage to your walkways and entryways, we offer repairs that will ensure your property value. 
  • Specialty pads: Whether for use as loading docks or handicap ramps, we offer the installation and repair of specialty concrete pads. 
  • Bollards: Designer barriers meant to add aesthetic appeal and function to your commercial property, bollards take many shapes and sizes. We install and repair bollards on commercial properties of all types. 
  • Catch basins: Concrete cisterns designed to catch and retain materials you don’t want in your sewer, catch basins on your commercial property need to be crack free to ensure their durability. We repair and install catch basins to ensure your drainage system is complete.

Contact the Experts in Ottawa for Commercial Concrete Repair

To make a good first impression with potential customers, you need your commercial property to look flawless. Cracked and crumbling concrete gives a bad impression, but there’s a simple solution to this problem. Bytown Paving offers commercial concrete repair in Ottawa for all types of concrete structures on your commercial property. Call us for a free estimate and to discuss your needs with our helpful staff.