Concrete Residential Paving

You need a change if you currently have to walk through uneven ground, broken walkways, or simply an uncompleted pathway to get to your home’s entrance. The simple solution is a concrete sidewalk or walkway. Ottawa residents have long relied on Bytown Paving for their quality concrete needs. To ensure these concrete structures are installed correctly, leverage the help of our experienced concrete team.

At Bytown Paving, we pride ourselves on being dependable, honest, and qualified for all types of concrete work. With attention to detail and a focus on your needs, our team can help you perfect your outdoor space and add curb appeal to your home.

Our Residential Concrete Services

Taking pride in quality craftsmanship, Bytown Paving offers the perfect concrete structures to enhance the look and function of your home. Our residential services include:

Poured concrete sidewalks and walkways

Concrete is the ideal building material for your sidewalks and curbs because it has lasting durability and requires very little maintenance.


A concrete patio is an excellent way to utilize your outdoor space. Perfect for having barbecues and entertaining guests, your new patio provides easy clean-up and adds room to your home without adding a room.

Garage Floors

Whether you’re building a new home or your old garage floor is in rough shape, our team will provide the new pour with a perfectly sturdy finish.

Our Residential Concrete Process

We’ll assess your needs and plan out the concrete project to suit the desired feature of your home. We’ll lay out a straightforward plan based on the complexity of your project, whether that be a repair, replacement, or a completely new project.

If a replacement is in the plan, our contractors will remove and replace existing cracked or broken concrete material to restore your walkway, driveway, or patio.

If it’s a new project, we’ll start by stamping out a solid base to ensure the finished project is level and less likely to become damaged over time. You’ll also see us laying out mesh here. This helps prevent cracking as it provides an additional layer of enforcement. Our goal is always to provide the longest lasting and highest quality services to our clients.

We start building your new concrete feature. Whether a driveway, patio, or walkway, our team is skilled at providing a smooth finish without imperfections. While the duration of your project will vary depending on the complexity, concrete takes about a day or two to cure before it can be used. Your patience during this curing process is key to helping us provide the best outcome.

Have a concrete project in mind? Reach out for a free estimate today.